Escrita Cuneiform

The cuneiform script was created by the sumerians, and their definition may be given as a writing that is produced with the help of objects in the form of a wedge. The cuneiform script is one of the oldest in the world, appeared more or less in the same time of the hieroglyphs, was created around 3,500 a. C. In the beginning the writing was a little cryptic, but with the passage of time were becoming more simple.

cuneiform script, the Sumerian, found in Iraq. Photo: Fedor Selivanov /

The sumerians used the clay to write, and when you wanted your records to be permanent, the tablets of cuneiform were placed in an oven, or could it be reused when their records weren’t so important that they would need to be remembered always.

The cuneiform script was a way of expressing yourself very difficult to be deciphered, it had more than 2000 signs and their use was of a difficulty huge. Its main use has been in accounting and administration, as facilitated in the registry of property, property tags, calculations, and business transactions.

With the passing of time to the cuneiform script was popular and ended up being adopted by other people, so there was a time in which all the states of Mesopotamia used this type of writing to communicate, work and even recording your thoughts.

In the course of time, so that there was greater understanding of writing, it has suffered important transformations, writing cuneiform assyria was transformed and became different from the writing of the babylonian.

The inhabitants of mesopotamia (the users of the cuneiform script) was a very interesting feature in the issue of writing, was one of the people who have used and have left recorded more documents containing this kind of signals. Writing has always played a very important role in the lives of these people, only for it to be very cryptic and difficult to understand were a few people who had the knowledge of it.

Only in the TWENTIETH century were found documents that clarified in part to the complexity of understanding this writing, his translation was a task too arduous. To be able to decipher the documents found, were necessary in order that the scholars have mastered other languages such as Hebrew and Arabic, so that you can find within the vocabulary of these two languages some resemblance to that light the translation of the cuneiform script.

it Was almost impossible to study the cuneiform script without knowing the culture, and almost the entire history of the civilizations that used them, and every new discovery in the cuneiform script was a part of the History of those people unveiled.