Stay in shape at age thirty

The body changes with the passage of time and is that every era has its characteristics, for this it is necessary that we bear in mind that it is not always our body will respond the same way to the outside. When we are young we do not repair this, but as we are serving years we should start to care more. the thirty years is a brand that almost always seems to be the beginning of adulthood, a time in which the body undergoes a series of changes, by which we have to adopt a series of healthy habits, and that is that we have to take care of.

With the passing of the years the body and the metabolism stops working the same way, so it is important that we begin to take care of our power. Many people who have never had a problem begin to gain weight to meet age. This is because the metabolism changes and slows down, therefore we must activate it, and the power, united to the sport is a way of doing it. This is why we must keep training and practicing sport daily to stay in shape. It is advisable to practice aerobic exercise and weight training to maintain tone and prevent the dreaded descolgamientos.

In regards to diet, the body requires other nutrients aimed to overcome the advancement of age and to curb the aggressions of the outside that we all suffer. To achieve this we must include in our diet lots of antioxidants that will help us to keep the cells young for longer. The protein intake is essential to maintain muscles in perfect conditions, as well as the intake of vitamin B to maintain a young and healthy skin.

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To get getting vitamins in high quantities it is recommended that the vegetables and fruits , occupying an important place in the diet. the fat each time should be more in the background, because the body is not assimilated or eliminated in the same way that when we are younger, and tend to ware them in the body more easily, putting at risk our health. The same thing happens with the excess, and it is that we have to take care of a lot more. the Leave the tobacco and the alcohol. it is essential to avoid the ageing characteristic of this time of life, and maintain a health of iron, and an appearance of youth.

The sport and recreation must play an important role in our life, and that is to keep the body active and the muscles worked is essential to achieve a more youthful body, agile and active. The same happens with the rest, because it is the main form of regeneration that exists, and it is that by the night, released countless of hormones necessary to maintain the health, since with the passage of time this activity decreases and we need to foster it to the extent that we can.

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