How do we to diy

The best way to learn how to make a knot is to practice. Try to arrange a piece of cable with a thickness average, since it becomes easier to see how many laps gave and how to go back to the beginning. If you try to learn with a thin cable becomes more difficult.

Here are seven nodes easy to learn and that you can be very useful in your day-to-day:

Node conveyor belt

Is the node the most simple of all and the most easy to learn. Should make a handle, and a bird harness through it. If before passing the whip by the handle the fold, thus achieve node a conveyor belt. It is usually used to stretch awnings or tents having the possibility to be adjusted as your need. The node conveyor belt after being used to it is very difficult to untie.

Back round with cotes

The node back round is also a node useful in diy. Serves for example to tie a boat to a fixed point. To do this the node must give two turns with the cord around the pole and finish at least two cotes.

Node right

The node right is utilzado to tie the two cables of the same thickness. This basically consists in giving two nodes the normal in opposite directions. You must grab a whip in each hand and pass the left over the top. Then underneath and back over the top of the right. The tip that was in the right, he moved to the left, and vice-versa. Take in the new harness from the right and pass it by the top, bottom and again on top of the new left. Finally tighten. In ancient time the node right was known to the greeks as the knot of Hercules. This node is widely used by be easy to do, and by their symmetry. Is used to close packages, to tie shoes, end restraints, and the like.


This type of node is done at the end of the cable. Is typically used to prevent a cable that was stuck in a block type pulley does not return to desenfiar. You should make a handle at the tip, with the whip passing below the bosom. After you pass the harness through the top of the bosom and put it on the handle initial, again from bottom to top. This node has a meaning, it is generally considered as a symbol of loyal love. It is easier to untie the knot of eight than a single node, avoiding to spoil the rope.

Node of the sheet

The node of the sheet is used to tie two cords of different thicknesses. You should first make a loop in the end of the thicker cable. After you pass the other cord through the handle from bottom to top, pass under the breast of another, and again by the handle from top to bottom. The node of the sheet contains the same laps of the node lais tab, only that it is done with two ropes it Is also used to join two ropes of different diameters and hoist flags.

Return of true, or node of a pig

The knot around the faithful is usually used to bind a cable to a fixed point. Grab the cable with one hand on the whip and the other in the bosom, with short walking distance, and laçe a handle. After grasp with one hand at the point of intersection of the handle and with the other laçe new handle in the same direction, putting the two handles overlap. The knot around the faithful is not entirely secure if the tension is exerted at an angle opposite to the direction of the lanyard. Using this type of node moor boats on poles on the pier and to secure turnbuckles stalls in the stakes.