The first mobile unit veterinary

In Spain have already been implemented in several places, a mobile unit veterinarian, which facilitates the work of veterinarians and greatly benefits the animals. Do you want to know more about this and how do they work?

where does the idea of a mobile unit veterinary?

As almost always happens, this idea was implanted in the united States. It was created by the need to attend to the pet without taking them out of the house. the in The same way that the vets home, this type of unit mobile veterinary pretend to help pets in a place that is more comfortable and more quickly.

Veterinary home

veterinarians to address arose from the crisis, time that the vets each time had less work and had to seek new alternatives in order to pay the mortgage and getting to the end of the month.

These will move as fast as possible to your home and treat the animal at home as long as you didn’t have to do a kind of intervention that would not be permitted outside of a hospital complex. yes, the rates will be a little higher as the hours of work will not be as rigid and you’ll also be charged an average of 15 euros per scroll.

Now, you might wonder what is the difference between a veterinarian to address, and a mobile unit veterinary. You what we have.

How does a mobile unit veterinary?

Although the vets home and a mobile unit veterinary medicine may seem the same, in reality there are some differences. For example:


  • The price. The mobile unit veterinary you will not be charged travel and in case you have to move, or to hospitalize the animal, take it without any cost.
  • the

  • A place in sterilised for treatment.
  • the

  • A place prepared with the latest technology for things that cannot be done at home.
  • the

  • Serves the emergency room for the same price (something that the vets at home does not do).
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These are just some of the differences, but, what benefits do you get from a mobile unit veterinary?

What are your benefits?

These are many, perhaps most of that you can go through the mind now. is There is many dogs that have accidents and it is advisable not to move them. Have to move to a center would be a move that could harm the animal.

There is people that do not have means of transportation to be able to take your pet to a center, and in the case that this is in the wrong state, moving by bus or metro is not the most advisable.

People who work many hours a day may have difficulties to find an open centre to get back home.

24 hours Service. This is something that normally, the vets home is not offered, but a mobile unit will be available 24 hours a day and 365 days a year.

on the other hand, in case of emergency, the mobile unit veterinary can move the animal to any place acting as an ordinary ambulance. That is to say, all must yield, which you get arrives more quickly and in this way the animal is more likely to be saved.

Many dogs go bad when they have to travel, so be cared for in the comfort of your home will be a great advantage for them and will make it easier for the animal is of a better frame of mind at the time of being administered such a treatment.

The objectives of a mobile unit veterinary make things easier for you and for your pet, and, especially in cases of emergency, help your pet to be saved.

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there are Already many units that there are in Spain, for example, as well as in the united States and in other countries. These are slowly opening up a path and we hope that very soon it can be integrated all over the world.