Cat pee on the couch

the Request of the consulting veterinarian on the cat that pees on the couch
the “good Evening, we no longer know how to behave, aid.. our cat of 18 months are not sterilized, some weeks behaves this way: 1 time a day, peeing on the couch, at various points, even if the litter is clean and use crystals. How should we respond? you may have physical problems or is it just a way to get noticed? Thanks.”

the Type of consultation Veterinary Behavioral
Type of problem: cat 1 year 1/2 non-sterilized pees on the couch

Replies Dr. Silvia Marangoni, Veterinarian and Expert in Behavior. Practiced his profession in the province of Treviso and Vicenza, but a practical expert advice also to Belluno and Venice; For direct contact:
Mob: 3281121823
email: [email protected]

Dear lord,
I would not say that it can be a way to get noticed! As I say always, the visit behavioral must always arrive after a visit to the clinic general. Once you have ruled out organic disease, examining the part in behavior, then try to understand the reason for the cat urine on the couch. Usually the cat shows in this way their uneasiness towards someone or something that disturbs it. Often it is only the tip of the’iceberg. The council, therefore, before a visit from a fellow generalist, and possibly later, a visit by a Veterinary Doctor Behavioral.
Season’s greetings

Dr. ssa Silvia Marangoni
The Veterinary medical Behavioral
ULSS N°2 Marca – TV 347
Mob. 328 1121823

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