You can breastfeed after plastic surgery breast?

The breasts of women has a function that is ambivalent. And they’ the gland which provides nourishment to the child, but the first is still a powerful tool of female seduction that is developed in the human species to encourage l’from the front end. The charm of breast is undeniable for all that it evokes in a way the ancestral: femininity, motherhood, bonding, nourishment, satisfaction, fullness. That is why perhaps, it is also one of the target organs of more aesthetic touches.

Today, there are many women who have recourse to breast plastic surgery. Leaving aside the cases of those who resorted to blunder, this intervention is often used to correct major defects in the shape, volume or asymmetry and, just as often, you proceed the prostheses are used after mastectomy (removal of breast) for cancer treatment, or even after a mastectomy preventive, as did the note diva Angelina Jolie.

L’intervention of breast augmentation is called the breast augmentation, and consists in the fixing of the silicone prosthesis under the mammary gland or under the pectoral muscle. L’engraving and l’introduction of the prosthesis can occur at various points. Usually to hide the scar affects below the sulcus the breast or periareolar (around’areola of the nipple).

During pregnancy, the breast with the prosthesis increases the volume as a normal breast and the mammary gland that was not affected normally produces milk. L’increase of volume can be slightly annoying if the skin is not very elastic or if the dentures are too tablets. L’only solution is to wait. If you feel more than the discomfort that can be a soreness, breast hot and low-grade fever, starting your surgeon or your gynecologist.

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l’breast-feeding however, there are risks linked to implants, neither for the mother nor for the baby. The problem may be with l’engraving on the nipples. At this level, in fact, are the ducts enlarged breasts, the small channels that carry milk from gland to nipple.

In the speeches of the
reduction mammoplasty and mastopexy, which aim to reduce the volume of the breasts and risollevarle eliminating the excess skin, frequently the nipples are moved to and positioned symmetrically to the new breast size. In these cases, the ducts enlarged breasts are broken and l’breastfeeding is compromised.

If a breast augmentation i learned enlarged breasts have been affected during the l’incision periareolar woman may have more or less difficulty to breastfeed depending on the number of ducts that have remained intact. In any case, for all the benefits that l’breastfeeding involves the mother and child is worth the try and don’t give up at first failure.

Logically speaking, cosmetic surgery c’is to say that following a pregnancy, the breasts may sciuparsi. But this plus that’breastfeeding depends’the rise of excessive volume and its emptying after fast, what happens if the mother does not breastfeed, passing from the mounted all’imprisonment. If you choose to breastfeed the discharge is gradual because the continuous playback of the milk maintains a constant volume of the breast.

To prevent cosmetic damage in pregnancy always use the sports bras, massage your whole body with sweet almond oil after the shower or with fitostimoline if you notice the appearance of early stretch marks and strengthen your pectoral muscles with some exercise 3 times a week. In any case, if as a result of a pregnancy the breasts should sciuparsi keep in mind that the implants after 10-15 years should be replaced.

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