12 errors in your favorite movies that you never noticed

friends, many movies make some small errors that tend to go completely unnoticed, not that this is bad and that bring down the quality of the movie, we don’t want to criticize anything, we just want to show you some errors curious that you are committed and many people sometimes don’t even realize it. Well, some movies can be excellent, but this does not mean that they are perfect, agree? You already saw our list of the 10 movies and series are hot which you can find on Netflix?

Thinking about it, we have been behind some great films that have errors almost imperceptible, errors, some of them silly, but that we make it a point to bring these curiosities to you. So, dear friends, check out now our area with the 12 errors in your favorite movies that you never noticed:

1 – Troia

So you want to say that in Ancient Greece there were birds of steel that flew over the sky? Hardly anyone ever noticed this error, because it is almost imperceptible.

2 – American Pie

in This item the detail is in the cup, where the girl is holding a full glass of beer, only that in one scene the cup is blue and in the other the glass is transparent. Strange, isn’t it!?

3 – Pirates of the Caribbean

it Is, in this image we can clearly see that there is a pirate there in the corner a bit odd, or have any of you ever seen a pirate use cowboy hat and sunglasses?

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4 – Harry Potter

And in the middle of the apprentices of wizards and witches there is a weird guy, crouching, and with something in his hand. Actually they left the scene with a cameraman showing up.

5 – Matrix

so, have you managed to find what is the error in the car? Not? As it is, hardly you see any error there, unless you understand a lot of the car. It may seem beast, but the only thing that is missing from this car is the fuel tank, and we are sure that none of you noticed this.

6 – Gladiator

During the battle of Carthage, one of the cars has an accident and falls. So far so good, the problem is that we can clearly see a cylinder on the back of the car. It would be a cylinder of nitro? It’s probably just one more mistake of recordings.

7 – The Terminator 3

In Terminator 3, when John and Catherine are in the hangar of the track, the number of the plane is a, and after take off, the number of the plane inexplicably changes. Strange, isn’t it?

8 – such As Cats and Dogs

As Dogs and Cats, some cars disappear from the street in just a blink of an eye, and certainly you never noticed.

9 – 007

Neither the 007 has escaped this list. A a scene, a character named Jinx is cut huge in the belly, and in a scene later, your stomach has no scar or evidence of a wound.

10 – I Am Legend

in This movie, in the final scenes, we can clearly see the mark of the bite of the zombie in the ago of the character, and in another scene they sinned by the fact that the bite switch to the other side. Well, not everything goes to be perfect, you agree?

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11 – Jurassic Park

In the first scene we can see the leg of a goat on top of the car, already in the second scene of that leg disappears, after she appears and disappears once more. Confused not? Sure, this day they made a hell of mess with the leg of the goat.

12 – Aladdin

In Aladdin, the tiger bites the clothes of a character, but notice that what was in the mouth of the tiger was a piece of underwear and not the pants, a silly mistake, but it’s still an error.